Proprietary products

Sensec Solutions AS offers a range of custom applications within intelligent and automated baggage handling.

The applications are marketed under the BRAINS® brand (Baggage Routing And Information System).


The BRAINS® System allows operators to effectively plan the departure and arrival of flights, trace the latest status of baggage, configure the BHS system, monitor the status of high and low-level systems and create reports that simplify making operational decisions.

BRAINS is a family of applications that enable Baggage Handling Operators to efficiently plan, route, sort and manage highly automatic baggage handling systems.

The heart of the application family are the High Level Control modules BRAINS Arrival Planner,  BRAINS Departure Planner, BRAINS Routing and Sorting, as well as BRAINS BHS Configuration, BRAINS Livedata and BRAINS System Monitor.

BRAINS® automates sorting and planning, tracks the status and location of bags in real time and delivers relevant data and statistics, simplifying the operation. It also delivers valuable data that forms a sound basis for making mission-critical, operational and strategic decisions.

BRAINS® consists of the following modules:

  • BRAINS® Departure Planner
  • BRAINS® Arrival Planner
  • BRAINS® Routing and Sorting
  • BRAINS® Manual Coding Station (MCS)
  • BRAINS® Security Stations (Level 2 and 3/4)
  • BRAINS® Transfer Registration Station
  • BRAINS® Livedata  (Bag Flow Business Intelligence and Prediction)
  • BRAINS® Material Flow
  • BRAINS® System Monitor

Products from partners

Sensec Solutions AS also delivers products from our partners:

  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Siemens 
  • Eaton Electric
  • Phoenix Contact
  • SICK
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft