Main offering:

The business line DETECTION is Norways leading supplier of detection products to the norwegian security market, with experience stretching more than 20 years delivering x-ray inspection systems.

We provide products from leading european suppliers like SMITHS DETECTION, CEIA, SECUSCAN, STI and EMBROSS.

The main product is X-ray machines for security and control of parcel and baggage as well as security control systems for airports and other high level security sites. In addition we deliver consultancy services, installation, training and service.

The business line AUTOMATION (BRAINS) deliver baggage handling and package and parcel system controls systems to airports and package and parcel logistics operations.

AUTOMATION develop, maintain, install and support these systems.

In addition the business line participate in integrating and commissioning complex systems in which Sensec Solutions AS products is part of the total solution.

Most known is the product family BRAINS which enables efficient planning, routing and high level controls of baggage at airports.


Sensec Solutions is located at Skedsmokorset, between Oslo city and Oslo airport.